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Public Attributes

__GLcontextModesRec Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

GLint accumAlphaBits
GLint accumBlueBits
GLint accumGreenBits
GLint accumRedBits
GLint alphaBits
GLuint alphaMask
GLint blueBits
GLuint blueMask
GLboolean colorIndexMode
GLint depthBits
GLuint doubleBufferMode
GLint drawableType
GLint fbconfigID
GLboolean floatMode
GLint greenBits
GLuint greenMask
GLboolean haveAccumBuffer
GLboolean haveDepthBuffer
GLboolean haveStencilBuffer
GLint indexBits
GLint level
GLint maxPbufferHeight
GLint maxPbufferPixels
GLint maxPbufferWidth
struct __GLcontextModesRecnext
GLint numAuxBuffers
GLint optimalPbufferHeight
GLint optimalPbufferWidth
GLint pixmapMode
GLint redBits
GLuint redMask
GLint renderType
GLint rgbBits
GLboolean rgbMode
GLint sampleBuffers
GLint samples
GLint screen
GLint stencilBits
GLuint stereoMode
GLint swapMethod
GLint transparentAlpha
GLint transparentBlue
GLint transparentGreen
GLint transparentIndex
GLint transparentPixel
GLint transparentRed
GLint visualID
GLint visualRating
GLint visualSelectGroup
GLint visualType
GLint xRenderable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file glcore.h.

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